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    Gorzowski Klub Rotariański
    Dystrykt: D-2231
    Nr klubu: 31846

    ul. Orląt Lwowskich 3
    66-400 Gorzów Wlkp.
    tel. +48 600 183 595

  • Spotkania Klubu Rotary Gorzów

    Każdy wtorek w Hotelu Qubus
    ul. Orląt Lwowskich 3
    o godzinie 19.00

History of the Rotary Club of Gorzów Wlkp.

Before the world war II until 1939 in Poland existed lot of Rotary Clubs. After the world war II from 1945 to 1989 Rotary International was in Poland prohibited. The then communist authorities didn`t allow to establish new Rotary Clubs, nor restore the pre-war ones. At last the democratic changes begun in 1989 created a chance for rotary clubs activity. . The Rotary Club of Gorzów Wlkp. was established in 1994 owing to the initiative of some well known in the citizens. It was for them and many other businessmem an opportunity to widen the area of their economical and social activity, and also integrate the most dynamic people. Such concentration of many interesting persons, willing to help other people gave a chance to take part in the Rotary International programms and prepare some programms for the local community.

The Rotary Club of Gorzów to the moment of its charter was under special protection of Mr Gunnar Fjelander, a swedish rotarian, who as a very well experienced person was for us very helpful and he was at that time the polish governer. We received also help from an earlier established polish Club in Strzelce Krajeńskie ( 30 km from Gorzów ) The charter took place on 6.11.1996 after a 2 years period of stage and fullfiling all the whole procedure.

The first president of the Club was notary Mr Jan Gielec, The Club counts now 25 members, the meetings are taking place every tuesday at 19,30 in Jazz Club “ Pod filarami”
The R.C, is supporting with money and gifts the State House of Child, the province hospital was given a diffusion pump, in the future we will equipp the house for mental handicaped people with a lift. The Club protects a Family House for Children.
Every year we organize a rotary ball, from which the income supports some social aims.

Owing to the organizational and 100% financial support in Gorzów stood for a week a travelling exhibition from Holland “The memoires of Ann Frank”
The Club cooperates with foreign clubs in Germany ( Springe, Herford )
and Sweden Rotary Clubs

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